What is Paypal?

Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan. Paypal in PakistanPayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. Online money transfers serve as electronic alternatives to paying with traditional paper methods, such as checks and money orders.

Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan. Paypal in Pakistan

There are lots of payment processors on internet like Payza, Liberty-Reserve, Skrill etc but PayPal is the king of all of them. Sadly PayPal support more than 190 countries of World but not Pakistan and its the biggest drawback we have on Internet. So in order to get PayPal account in Pakistan we have to use other tactics.
Paypal verified account in Pakistan

This is how you can get a verified Paypal account in unsupported countries for free.

Follow all Steps to Verify Paypal account in Pakistan

1- Go to Payoneer-affiliates website and click on Sign-Up Now. Click Here
2- Follow the procedure and complete the sign-up process for the Payoneer card (Card is free and will be shipped at your home address for free within 25 to 40 days).
Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan. Paypal in Pakistan

3- Your account will be approved within a day. I was approved in 20 minutes.
4- After your card is approved, you will receive an email asking if you want to apply for US 
     Payment Service. if not you can find that in payoneer dashboard.
5- The email will require you to reply with some verification and answer some easy 
6- After you reply to the email, Payoneer will review the information and you will be 
     approved for the USP Service within 2-3 days. Almost everyone gets accepted for US              Payment Service. If you don’t receive a reply within 3 days, contact Payoneer’s customer      support and they will look into it.
 7- After you are approved for US Payment Service, you will receive an email from Payoneer
      containing information about a Virtual Account Account, including Routing Number              and Account number.
8- Now, go to USA Paypal.com and create and account. Make sure you select United                  States as the country and fill in real US phone number and address in the Paypal sign-up     process. You can get US address and phone numbers on Fake Name Generator
9- After the sign-up, you will get an option to verify your Paypal account either through      
     Bank Account or Credit Card. Select the Bank Account option.
10- Enter the bank account details you received from Payoneer into the Paypal verification 
       form or go to US payment service tab in account to get virtual account info.
11- Then, it will take 1-2 business days for Paypal to send 2 amounts to your payoneer         
12- After you receive the amounts you have to enter this amount figures in paypal to got     
13- You will see 2 transactions from Paypal Verification Department there.
Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan. Paypal in Pakistan
Verify PAYPAL account in PAKISTAN

14- Enter these 2 amounts in the Paypal verification form.

Verify Paypal Account in Pakistan. Paypal in Pakistan
Verify PAYPAL account in PAKISTAN
15- Congratulations! You have a verified Paypal account.

You can easily withdraw your money from Paypal to your Payoneer Bank Account and access the funds using your Payoneer Debit Card in ATM’s that accept MasterCard.
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    1. Use contact us Page listed at bottom of web to contact us.

    2. This is really a nice post. Even PayPal support few countries, they should have an opportunity to open account in all over the world. Are they crazy?