Emulator Casio FX-9860G SD Calculator
Download Emulator Casio FX-9860G SD Calculator free
Calculate in comfort using the FX-9860GSD graphic calculator and its Natural Display,eActivity, Spreadsheet
Emulator Casio FX-9860G SD Calculator
Features overview:

  * 64 kB RAM/1.5 MB flash ROM memory
  * Natural textbook display
  * Spreadsheet
  * eActivity
  * Extra-large, 8-line monochrome display
  * Over 1,000 technical-scientific functions
  * Easy to operate,function keys and user menu
  * Dynamic graphs
  * Graphs of inequations
  * Graphs of parametric functions
  * Graphs can be shown in a single coordinate system
  * Box and zoom function
  * Linking function from lists and list-based statistics
  * Various graphic functions
  * Value tables
  * Financial maths functions
  * Emulator included
  * Hard case

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