Top 3 softwares to create partions of hard disk
Top 3 software's to create partitions of hard disk

Partition manager is the best tool available today!it provides partitioning operation of all kind: re-size  merge, split partition and redistribute free space initiate new hard drive convert to different file system and much more
There are multiple types of partitioning software's available now a days in market but following three are best hard disk partition software's.
The 1st one is Paragon Partition Manager
Paragon Partition Manager

The main focus of paragon software group is to provide the top level professional hard disk management and  repartitioning solutions.Paragon's is the award wining partition manager provide easy and reliable hard drive partitioning .Paragon Partition manager 12 Home is the standard software for dividing hard drive without data loss

The 2nd one is Easeus partition master:
Easeus partition master

Easeus partition master home edition is a free and all-in-one partition manager software. It provides three main features: Partition Manager , partition recovery wizard and partition copy to solve all partition problems.

The 3rd one is avanquest partition commander:
avanquest partition commander

It safely organize and protect your hard drive with partition software.following all the best features of this partition software.

  • Create , resize ,move ,copy ,merge and restore your partitions.
  • Reclaim your wasted hard disk space.
  • Organize your hard drives and important files.
  • Speed up your hard drive and PC performance.
  • Run multiple operating system simultaneously.
  • Backup your PC before critical operation.
  • Separate data for increased protection. 

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