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Microsoft Windows 7 is now become the primary Operating System for almost all Windows users after Windows XP and every single Windows XP user have already switched to the new Windows 7, but many of the Windows 7 new user are not aware of Windows 7 Activation Process and they always asked How To Activate Windows 7 and by pass the Genuine Advantage pop-up notification and make their Windows 7 fully activated for a lifetime, so today I am going to share how Windows 7 users can activate Windows 7 without having genuine serial keys and cracks.

wat remover

WAT Remover Tool is the easiest way to activate Windows 7 in just 2 minutes. You don’t have to crack your Windows 7 to make it Genuine. WAT stands for (Windows Activation Technology) which Microsoft use to trace Windows Activation Status. You just have to run WAT Remover and your Windows 7 will be activated for a lifetime without doing anything. WAT Remover Tool will make your Windows 7 Genuine and will also remove the Genuine Advantage notification and you can also Download and Install latest Windows 7 Updates directly from Microsoft website. This tool will work with Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems.
wat remover windows 7
Download WAT Remover Tool and make your Windows 7 Genuine and completely remove Windows Activation pop-up notification and also 30 days trial period. You can also download and Install latest Windows 7 Updates directly from Microsoft without any trouble.

RecommendedProduct Key of Window 7

To install Windows 7 WAT remover tool you just have to follow instructions below;

  1-Extract it
  2-Run removewat.exe
  3- Click on Remove Wat
  4-then you have to wait until your computer reboot itself then you no longer have the WAT.
  Download Wat Remover from any of the links below. if one link doesn't work check other.
Click Download wait 5 Seconds Skip add to download wat remover for free latest version
 Download Wat remover
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  1. Wow, dis software rocks especially 4 Laptops with d Win XP trademarks on dem and Desktops which could nt be activated with d crack as well, this software is 10/10

  2. this is awsome. Dude it's killing me.

  3. when 1 try 2 extract t tels me to enter password cn som1 help me out please

    1. it's clearly given that the password is "anzaq.com"

  4. wow! this helped me alot...thanks! happy holidays to all of you

  5. Thank you very much! Pretty much a middle finger to all those greddy Microsoft bastards!

  6. OMG!! Great software!!! Thanks a lot :D

  7. OMG.
    This safe my ass ; v; Thank you

  8. will this work for vista?

  9. yes man. its for all windows. 32 and 64 bit operating system.

  10. Yes it works thank you so much yo made my day :))


  12. you must login as admnistratior to run that software

  13. omg thank you so much for this.

    You are awesome.